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Okay, this one is kind of hard because I'm not sure how many of you speak good english...:/  I'd LIKE to have 2 representatives from this order to join me in talks for a Jedi Wide project (I just set up the forum today, so I'm gathering people together).  The project is to establish basic standards as to what it means to be a Jedi (orders can add to, but not take away from the standards).

Representatives will be charged with informing their order on our talks and get a census on how members feel.  It's a democratic process that I hope to have complete by the end of the year (this is my personal New Year's Resolution).  If this order could come up with two members which you trust and that would be willing to participate in the project (log in at least once every 2 weeks), it would be greatly appreciated.  Let me know who you select. :) (I'd like to have all members on the forum by the end of the month).

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Ладно, это один вид трудно, потому что я не уверен, как многие из вас говорят на хорошем английском ...:/ Я хотел бы иметь 2-х представителей от этой целью вместе со мной переговоры о Джедаев Широкий проекта (я просто создать форум сегодня, так что я собрать людей вместе).Проект заключается в установлении основных стандартов относительно того, что значит быть джедаем (заказы можно добавить, но не отнять от стандартов).

Представители будет снята с информированием их порядок на наших переговорах и получить переписи о том, как члены чувствуют. Это демократический процесс, который я надеюсь завершить к концу года (это мой личный Резолюцию Нового Года). Если этот порядок мог придумать два члена которой вы доверяете и которые были бы готовы принять участие в проекте (войдите по крайней мере раз в 2 недели), она будет принята с благодарностью. Дайте мне знать, кто вы выберите. :) (Я бы хотел, чтобы все члены на форуме к концу месяца).!!!



Hi, Setanaoko!

I speak english. But this is not the reason to be a representative. Many people in SW-communities speaks. But first you have to decide to who of them do you address your proposition? Then you have to present to us ideology and aims of your Jedi Wide project. If there is no yet concrete clear ideology, we have to discuss it. I offer to start from aims.

So what are the aims of your project? Is it to collect moral standards of how to be a jedi? Or do you want to unite jedis all over the world?

And do you told with oldest and most experienced communities to ask their opinion? And what communities do you represent from your region?

You know... before I'll say "we are united here, lets unite we and you together too", we have to come to solidarity in our regions. English-speaking jedis - in US, Canada, then in Europe, etc. Russian-speaking jedis - in our region (Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, etc.). But we are not yet... I have regularly read foreign forums (in english language), so I'm in course of events. But I'll say only for our regions. We do not have solidarity yet. It is very far from unity.

I must say one important thing. I'm not in the opportunity to the idea of union. I am for. I like it. And I'm dreaming of it. So I told all above not from position of skepticism, but from position of realism. I am the Head of one of the few oldest jedi communities - Jedi Order "Temple of Light". You may hear about us. You know, during almost a dozen of years of our existence the idea of union raised many times in russian-speaking SW-fandom. And I am the one who systematize all nuances and reasons of all failures, who connect all oldest communities and give an article on behalf of them: (sorry, I have no time to translate it, you can use some translator, for example google-tanslate, and ask me questions about things you not understand).

You can see, this is not new proposition. So, could you please define the aims of your project? If this is a collecting of moral standards, I can compare it with a phrase: lets collect standards "how to be a good guy"?)) Do you catch a thought?)) This is not breakthrough idea in history of mankind. Every religion teach the same in bare outlines. So, if we'll unite under this very very common standards, the only thing that will unite us will be a banner/word "the jedi". But honest will be to say "good guys". But if we'll try to define "good guy", we'll find a lot of differences, not only cultural, but from ideology of one community to ideology another.

And the next question, you have to determine - to what auditory do you speak? Even our communities in our region are very different. Some emphasis on trainings, meditations and meetings mainly in real. Some use internet to connect their members, but all of them practice individually. Some study saberfighting only as theatrical fencing discipline. Some practice real martial arts. Some ignore physical development at all or practice it much less than spiritual. Some play games, collect fan-art. Some only called as a jedi/sith on internet-forums.



Perhaps the best way to describe this is by posting what I have there on our purpose.  But first I'll address who the people are I'm including.  I've been a member of the Jedi Community since April 2002 (I started at Force Academy, which has been open since 1998).  The people I am drawing from are members who have been around for a good long time and then two elected representatives of each order.  I'm also pulling from some of the more active members who have only recently made themselves known via Facebook based on my experiences and observations of them.

This is not meant to create a central Jedi Council, it's meant to help the community get on the same page.  It is my hope, that after these standards are established, the entire community can come together (including our non-english speaking counterparts) and compile a book on the Jedi Path for publishing.  The revenue (though, to be honest I'm not sure just how much it would get) generated from the book would get returned to the community to support things such as Jedi Gatherings and Jedi Disaster Relief teams.

Here's the piece I have posted on the forum to explain the purpose of it:

Take a look around the Jedi Community.  I would be surprised if you have not noticed that there are a great deal of people who claim to be Jedi and do not really know what it means to be a Jedi.  Of course, it's been brought up time and time again that we do not have an actual establishment of standards-so anyone can claim to be a Jedi and get away with it.  Sure, we know the difference, but the rest of the world doesn't.

Then we run into problems when people write books about Star Wars and any number of philosophies.  But none of these guys (barring maybe Matthew Vossler, I've never met him in the community so I cannot be sure) have undergone training from ANY of the Jedi Orders.  I had considered writing one myself, but let's face it: I'm not the only member of the Jedi Community, nor am I the founder of it.  This community evolves based on it's current membership, but with the lack of basic standards for a Jedi Knight* the community as a whole has hit a roadblock.  So here's the goal- all of us come together in order to finally agree on the basics for what makes a Jedi Knight.  Once these standards are agreed upon, then I'd like to see the entire community put together a book-a collection of essays from the community based on the standards we have come up with and some of the philosophies that are taught throughout the community.

What does this mean for each order?  I don't believe in taking away from what makes each or our orders unique.  Basics are just that- a basic outline that we can all agree "Without meeting these standards you simply are not a Jedi".  In the US Army we have a saying: "you cannot add or take away" from the regulations.  Outlining these standards does not take away from anything your order or any other order wishes to add onto the standards we are establishing here.

Now for the disclaimer:  I firmly believe in a democratic process, and this project needs it.  Why?  Well we aren't all going to agree with each other.  I already know that I disagree with some of the members of the community on certain points.  I'm willing to put that aside and even adapt to whatever standards I do not meet which this group comes to agree upon.  Why am I saying this?  Because some of you may find that what develops here may be a completely different idea of what a Jedi is than you agree with (some believe a Jedi should avoid conflict whatever the cost-others do not).  In order for it to become a standard, we should have 4/5 of the group agree on it.  If 3/5 agree then we'll have to go back into discussion until either 2/5 or 4/5 agree.  2/5 or lower agreeing will mean the proposed standard is off the list (but not barred from an individual order adding it to their own list-I know that it's repetitive, but I want it to be clear that this isn't to hinder any order from wanting to reach beyond the set bar).

*Jedi Knight: This is to establish what a Jedi Knight is.  Afterwards, we can discuss whether or not we want to create an additional set of standards to add to the list regarding Jedi Masters or if we want to leave that to individual orders.  I already have an opinion on this, but I'm leaving that to the group.  Also, once these standards have been met, it should be expected of a Jedi Knight to maintain these standards, lest they loose the right to legitimately call themselves a Jedi.

NOTE: Just because these standards are established does not mean that we should ridicule anyone who doesn't meet these standards, nor should we discontinue interacting with them.  A lot of good learning experiences come from just communicating with people we encounter, and not just for us-for them as well.  It's not a bad thing that someone is or isn't a Jedi.  But we do need standards, otherwise neither us nor the future generation(s) of this path will get taken seriously.

Свернутый текст

Возможно, лучший способ описать это, опубликовав то, что я там, на нашей цели. Но сначала я буду описывать которые люди, я в том числе. Я был членом джедаев сообщества с апреля 2002 года (я начал в Н. Е. Жуковского, который был открыт с 1998 года). Люди, которых я рисую от являются членами, которые были вокруг в течение всерьез и надолго, а затем двух избранных представителей каждого заказа. Я тоже тянет от некоторых более активных членов, которые только недавно заявили о себе через Facebook на основе моего опыта и наблюдений из них.

Это не значит, для создания центрального совета джедаев, это означало, чтобы помочь сообществу получить на той же странице. Я надеюсь, что после этих стандартах установлены, все сообщество могут собраться вместе (в том числе наши не-английски говоря аналогов) и скомпилировать книгу о Джедаев Путь для публикации. Доходов (хотя, честно говоря я не уверен, насколько было бы получить), порожденный из книги получили бы вернулся к сообществу поддерживать такие вещи, как джедай и джедай собраниях команды ликвидации последствий стихийных бедствий.

Вот кусок я отправил на форум, чтобы объяснить цель его:

Оглянитесь вокруг джедаев сообщества. Я был бы удивлен, если вы не заметили, что Есть много людей, которые утверждают, что джедаи и не знаю, что значит быть джедаем. Конечно, это был воспитан снова и снова, что у нас нет фактических созданию стандартизированных поэтому все, кто может претендовать на джедаев и сойдет с рук. Конечно, мы знаем разницу, но остальной мир не делает.

Тогда мы столкнулись с проблемами, когда люди пишут книги о Star Wars и в любом количестве философий. Но ни один из этих парней (за исключением, может быть, Мэтью Фосслера, я никогда не встречался с ним в сообщества, поэтому не могу быть уверен) прошли обучение любого из джедаев заказов. Я рассмотрел записи одного себя, но давайте посмотрим правде в глаза: я не только членом Сообщества джедаев, и я не основатель этого. Это сообщество развивается на основе его нынешних членов, но с отсутствием базовых стандартов для рыцаря-джедая * сообщества в целом ударил контрольно-пропускном пункте. Итак, вот цель, мы все собрались вместе, чтобы окончательно согласовать основы для того, что делает рыцаря-джедая. Как только эти стандарты согласованы, то я бы хотел, чтобы вся община вместе взятые книги сборник очерков из сообщества, основанного на стандарты, которые мы придумали, и некоторые из философий, которые преподаются в рамках всего общества.

Что это значит для каждого заказа? Я не верю в принятии от того, что делает каждый наш заказ или уникальным. Основы просто что-основных чертах, что мы все можем согласиться "Без соблюдения этих стандартов, вы просто не джедай". В армии США, мы говорили: "Вы не можете добавить или отнять» из правил. Излагая эти стандарты не отнять от всего заказа или любых других пожеланий того, чтобы добавить на стандарты, которые мы создаем здесь.

Теперь для оговорка: я твердо верю в демократический процесс, и этот проект нуждается в этом. Почему? Ну все мы не будем соглашаться друг с другом. Я уже знаю, что я не согласен с некоторыми из членов общества на определенные точки. Я готов поставить, что в сторону и даже адаптироваться к любой стандартов я не встречаюсь которой эта группа приходит к договориться. Почему я это говорю? Так как некоторые из вас могут обнаружить, что то, что развивается здесь, могут быть совершенно разные представления о Джедаев является чем вы согласны с (некоторые считают, джедаи должны избегать конфликта любой ценой, другие этого не делают). Для того, чтобы он стал стандартом, мы должны были бы 4 / 5 от группы согласятся на это. Если 3 / 5 согласится, то мы должны будем вернуться к обсуждению, пока не 2 / 5 или 4 / 5 согласиться. 2 / 5 или ниже согласие будет означать, предлагаемый стандарт из списка (но не запрещено индивидуальному заказу добавив его в свой список, я знаю, что это повторяется, но я хочу, чтобы это было понятно, что это не мешать любой заказ от желания выйти за пределы набора бар).

* Jedi Knight: Это чтобы установить, что это рыцарь-джедай. После этого мы можем обсуждать или нет, мы хотим создать дополнительный набор стандартов, чтобы добавить к списку в отношении джедаев, или если мы хотим оставить, что по индивидуальным заказам. У меня уже есть мнение на этот счет, но я ухожу, что в эту группу. Кроме того, когда эти стандарты были соблюдены, то следует ожидать от рыцаря-джедая для поддержания этих стандартов, иначе они теряют право законно называть себя джедаями.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: Просто потому, что эти стандарты устанавливаются не означает, что мы должны высмеивать тех, кто не отвечает этим стандартам, мы не должны прекращать взаимодействующих с ними. Много хорошего опыта обучения приходят только от общения с людьми мы сталкиваемся, и не только для нас, и для них тоже. Это не плохо, что кто-то или не джедай. Но нам нужны стандарты, в противном случае ни нас, ни будущее поколение (а) этого пути получите принимать всерьез.



Also of note, I've been involved in projects similiar to this, and have watched where the failings were.  I've watched for "signs" (nothing pre-ordained, mind you) to see when we might be ready for these talks.  I believe now is the opportunity we've been looking for.  This has been attempted, but it at no point was it truly structured and it never really involve more than two or three orders (with an emphasis on one order over the other two).  I feel I have a unique relationship with many of the orders to get them involved in the process-and so far have at least four orders represented (Ashla Knights, Institute for Jedi Realist Studies, Just Jedi, Jedi Foundation and Church of Jediism in the UK [of whom I strongly detested up until recently, so including them did not come as a light decision]).  I would like to see Jediismus (a Czech order), Jedi Heritage, Light Alliance and (now that I know of their existence) Order of the Temple of Light on board.

Свернутый текст

Также следует отметить, я принимал участие в проектах, подобный этому, и наблюдал, где были недостатки. Я наблюдал за "знаки" (ничего не предопределено, заметьте), чтобы увидеть, когда мы могли быть готовы к этим переговорам. Я считаю, сейчас возможность, которую мы так долго искали. Это была попытка, но она ни в какой момент это было действительно структурированную и никогда по-настоящему привлечь больше, чем два-три порядка (с акцентом на один заказ за другим два). Я чувствую, что уникальные отношения со многими из заказов, чтобы получить их, участвующих в процессе, и до сих пор, по крайней мере на четыре порядка (присутствовали представители Ashla рыцарей, Институт джедаев Реалист исследований, просто джедай, джедай фонда и церковь в Jediism Великобритания [о котором я сильно ненавидел до недавнего времени, поэтому включение их не стало света решение]). Я хотел бы видеть Jediismus (порядка Чехия), джедаи наследия, Света и Альянс (в настоящее время, что я знаю об их существовании) Орден Храма Света на борту.



Ok, lets start in the order of questions.

1. So, is a result of this Jedi Wide project a giving the Book? That's nice, much more interesting than other projects before, and much more realistic. In this way I agree. Because I want to write a book for many years, but I have no time for it. But there is still many nuances...

Jedi Gatherings? What do you mean? Disaster Relief teams? I don't think, that one book can do it. But taking part in some kind of charity is more real. BTW, we (my brothers and sisters from Temple of Light) do it from time to time even at this days - going to children's Homes, helping the sick, and other. Ok, in any case, I think we'll find best application of the revenue anyway.

2. Ok, I agree

Basics are just that- a basic outline that we can all agree "Without meeting these standards you simply are not a Jedi"

But where the Rubicon FROM common standards applicable to all TO special features of each community? Even if there will be the Book, we may not agree in many questions about how to be a Jedi.

3. About voting procedure. I don't believe in democracy))) Do not understand me wrong. I'll explain) You are described voting procedure as it is in ordinary democracy state system. Even Aristotle for a many centuries ago said, that democracy is one of the worst state system. And all our beliefs in democracy based on deliberate misrepresentation and manipulating by our governments (World Secret Government, Comm 300 - there are many names in Conspiracy Theory, but the fact is - our understanding of democracy is incomplete). What says Aristotle (and this is universal simple genial basics that are unbroken across the centuries):

Good state system (pursued the common good, regardless of whether the ruling one, few or many):
Government alone. Monarchy - a form of government in which the whole supreme power is belong to the monarch.
Ruled by the few. Aristocracy (Greek aristokratia - the power of the best) - a form of government in which the supreme power belongs to the aristocracy, the wisest.
The rights of many. Polity - Aristotle believed that form the very best. But the possibility of establishing a Polity in contemporary Greece, according to Aristotle, is small. This idealistic Utopia. In a Polity the state is ruled by a majority in interest of the common good. All wise. All interested in the common good. All are fully conscious unity.

Bad state system (pursued particular selfish purposes):
Government alone. Tyranny - a deviation from the monarchy.
Ruled by the few. Oligarchy - a deviation from the aristocracy.
The rights of many. Democracy - a deviation from the Polity. Among the bad state system, Aristotle gave preference to her, considering it the most bearable. In democracy the wisest man have the same strength of vote as some beggar or as some fool. Whose number is greater is every society? The wise men, intellectual elite? Or the average consumers?

This is the depthless translate, you should read Aristotle by yourself in english - and you'll understand all.

And why the democracy is not so effective in voting procedure you suggest for achieving most proper result? It's simple. Very simple. For example, I am an expert in Eastern Martial Arts, I start to study them in school (now I'm 28), studied Kyokushin Karate, Kung-Fu (Wushu) Dragon Style, Viet Vo Dao, took part in training workshops/seminars of other styles. Now I have a great experience, I understand subtle and most delicate features of Martial Arts (MA). I do not know anyone else in our region (among russian-speaking SW-fandom) who are practicing MA at the same level and have teaching followers for a many years (may be there is 1-3 persons but in completely different sphere of activity).
So, what if I'll vote 1 against 5. Who will be right? Me? Or 5 voters that are far from real MA?

It's only one example to show how hard to come to a compromise. I know top leaders of our region, I know their experience and they know mine. We know spheres of competence each other. We are communicating from time to time, we read each other articles, interesting in each other last investigation.

But when there in internet appears some 12-years old boy called himself by the nick "Jedi Master"... that is sad story. Truly, I'm tired to show everyone my abilities and knowledges and tired to tell about my experience to get appropriate authority in their eyes. I do not want to prove anything. I know, where and how I can find new worthwhile knowledges. And I share my experience and knowledges to those who are ready to take it.

That's all...

4. The legitimate question is - why do you write to this forum? Do you speak to someone else from russian-speaking community about this? (I see you on some other forum, but I don't remember where) And do you know the structure of russian-speaking SW-community? If you don't - it will be pleasure for me to tell you history of our fandom (in the main events of course). Some information you can find hereСаберфайтинг

So, you must address your proposition to biggest communities in the relevant field. As I said before, we have very different aims and ideology. So, you have to know to whom of us you can speak about this.

Jedi Heritage - is just simple project on free-forum-service, not even community. Some time ago Joey Nebari gather around herself some people. But the community do not have strong concrete aim. And now, when Joey departed from affairs, disappeared, the Jedi Heritage forum is dying. There are some young users. And my friend and colleague from another community - Algan - posts some useful information there. And no one else. I did not visited this forum for a long time, I wrote it off. And exactly Algan ask me to review your post here. So... I'm here. But this is not the right place, where you should give your proposition.

5. Lets move to the next questions.

to establish what a Jedi Knight is

to create an additional set of standards to add to the list regarding Jedi Masters

You know, I must show my regalia again)) But I'll be short. I have many years of experience in eastern philosophy, esoteric, spiritual practices, and education of psychologists (systemology and psychology of relations). BUT! It's funny))) I do not explore anything new! The more I try to understand how to create ideal Rank system - the more I come to existed for a centuries knowledges. And our current 7-levels system have confirmations in philosophy, in eastern practices, in esoteric, in religions, even in scientific psychology! Yes, the names of levels may be different, but the meanings - are the same everywhere.

That is our Rank system:
There is a short information about foundation: … amp;t=1904

As usually, you may ask me to translate at least first link to understand information better (the second link is too big, sorry)) and my english is not so good).

It's not so hard to understand this universal 7-levels system. All genius is simple)) Of course, it have some nuances in relation to Jedi 7 Ranks, that require attention, additional knowledges (at least about 7-chakra system or 7 levels of relationship from psychology). And, of course, it require more time to go from knowing it to using it in your life.

So, you can see, as for our Order, we have unbroken standards of Jedi Knight for a long time. And our standards are strong! My people are some of the best among jedi communities. But, by reason of another specificity of other communities, another field of their interests popularization of this universal Rank system goes very hardly. Some leaders agree with this system. But they already have their own, based (like classes in school) on levels of their specific bank of knowledges. That is the most common case. Also, there is even when some leaders do not accept this system, because they have political differences with us)) Some, the youngest, think that they are smartest than all, and try to re-invent the wheel)))

As you can see, we did a huge work during many years to adapt universal spiritual laws of our Universe to Jedi Rank system. So, I'm sorry, I'll discuss this Rank system only with those people, who have the similar level of experience and knowledge.

I'll share my knowledges about this question with your communities, listen their comments. Probably, some of them may be useful for improving our Rank system. But, as I said, I explored a huge tons of information even from english-speaking communities before, and even at this days I did not seen that there appears something fundamental new.

0. That is my honest position. Yes, it is in some kind skeptic. But I think, I earn the right to be as I am. If someone is able to tell me something interesting, something new, something useful - I'll certainly hear him. So that is why I was asked in previous post - who will discuss and what will be discussed.



I think you may be over-thinking the democratic process. ;)  Look at it this way: An individual in the Jedi Community steps up and says "I AM NOW THE JEDI MONARCH OF ALL JEDI AND THIS IS HOW A JEDI SHOULD ACT, THUS THIS IS LAW."  No one would take them seriously.  But to have members of the Jedi Community who are respected come together and establish a baseline for each school to build off of-that's a different story.  Which is why the process is democratic.

The purpose isn't to start up a centralized council, it's to further evolve the Jedi Path.  Your group has established standards, Chicago Jedi and Just Jedi do as well-and they are included groups on the forum.  Having members that have experience with establishing standards makes the process a lot easier- it means you've thought things through.

I'll send you the link on facebook, I'd love to have you on the team. :)



Я думаю, вы можете быть чрезмерно мышления демократического процесса. Посмотрите на это следующим образом: индивид в джедаев сообществом шаги вверх и говорит: "Я сейчас нахожусь JEDI монарх всех джедаев и это, как JEDI должны действовать, ТАК ЭТО ЗАКОН". Никто не будет воспринимать их всерьез. Но, чтобы участники джедаев сообщества, который уважают собраться вместе и создать основу для каждой школы создать офф-это совсем другая история. Именно поэтому процесс является демократическим.
Целью является не запуск централизованного совета, она и впредь будет развиваться джедаев Пути. Ваша группа установила стандарты, Чикаго джедаев и джедаи Просто делать то, что хорошо, и они включены групп на форуме. Наличие пользователей, которые имеют опыт работы с установления стандартов делает процесс намного проще, это означает, что вы подумали вещи.
Я пришлю тебе ссылку на facebook, я хотел бы видеть вас в команде.



:D I didn't said about a monarchy or dictatorship))) I believe in democracy among equals. I mean exactly - equals!
If someone not-so-experienced says: "No, this is how a jedi should act, because I think so". I'll not trust him just like that. He must at least surely and argumentatively prove his point of view. But this is a rare case when he is right.
And when someone much more experienced than me says something, and I had an opposite point of view - it's big reason to think "may be he is really right". That is what I told about.

Anyway. Instead of empty talks lets see what do have your colleagues...

Yes, you have my consent to take part in this project. To the extent of my ability and interest, of course.

But what is about other questions I asked above?



I had limited time last time I came in, now that I can get more indepth, here we go ( ( :) ):
Jedi Gatherings?, these guys have been holding Jedi Gathering for years now (at least 2005, though I believe there are gatherings which predate even those).  They've all been held in the US, though we did attempt to get one up and running in New Zealand at the beginning of 2011-unfortunately those of us who wanted to go found it financially impossible, and it was difficult to get in contact with anyone in New Zealand to show up.  We have had talks with getting UK gatherings together, but no one has been able to host one just yet.  It's a once a year occurance when Jedi that can make it get together and train, as well as get to know one another.
Disaster Relief teams? The Cajun Jedi group (headed up by JBar, and is based out of New Orleans-as you can imagine it was inspired by Katrina) have been trying to establish such a group.  They are calling it Joint Emergency and Disaster Institute (J.E.D.I.).  The idea is to get them FEMA qualified to participate in Disaster Relief, while employing Jedi Skills.  As I said, we may not be able to generate enough revenue to help get them started, but if we can-I'd like to see it happen.  Of note, the Jedi Community does have resources- I know of at least two people who own a printing company in the community (JediSchool has one and then one is owned by the founder of Coelescere Covenant [a Jedi Church on hiatus']-so their isn't necessarily an issue of trying to find a publishing company that has the community's best interest in mind, rather than lining their pockets)
2. And no one said that this path was going to end up being in compliance with members who have been in for 9+ years (and there are members on the team who have been in north of even 11 years) have become accostum to.  I might not even like what it becomes, but this is the reason for having as many orders involved as possible, so that we all get the opportunity to weigh in on things- and when everything is said and done, we can agree that the path wasn't just decided upon by one individual-but those who have identified themselves as such for a long time.
4. It's a forum that I know I can reach the Russian Jedi on.  It's difficult to look up a Russian site if you do not know Russian.  To be honest, until three years ago, I thought the orders online were English Speaking.  Klan Aler-Li first introduced me to the Russian groups when he joined Real Jedi Knights as an ambassador.  From there I was able to join Jedi Order (I believe that's all it was called, and I cannot find it anymore), Jedi Heritage and Light Alliance.  I came in here hoping that (even though it isn't frequented) someone would be monitoring one of the two (Light Alliance or Jedi Heritage) and open up communication.  I only know of one Czech order because one of it's members happens to be a Jedi Knight at Force Academy, she came in and asked for permission to use our (out-dated) Jedi Manual for the group.  I know there is a Philipino group, but I'm still trying to find a way to communicate with them-and I know of them because of an incident that Jedi Sanctuary was alerted to.
To me, the communication is important and I'll do everything I can to find a means of reaching out to the groups which make up this community.  "the Force"/God/Goddess/The Divine (who/whatever you wish to refer to him/her/it as) gave me avenues to use as I have expanded in the Jedi Community-moreso than most other Jedi.  It would be a waste to not use those avenues given to me, would it not? ;)  After all, it did get me in contact with you and Algan, did it not? :)

Я ограниченное время, в прошлый раз я пришел, теперь, когда я могу получить более углубленное, здесь мы идем ((:)):
Джедаи собраниях?, эти ребята проводят сбор джедаев на протяжении нескольких лет (по крайней мере 2005 года, хотя я считаю, Есть собраний которые предшествуют даже те). Они все были проведены в США, хотя мы сделали попытку получить один и работает в Новой Зеландии в начале 2011-к сожалению, те из нас, кто хотел пойти нашел его финансово невозможно, и было трудно войти в контакт с кем-либо в Новой Зеландии, чтобы показать. У нас были переговоры с получением Великобритании собраниях вместе, но никто не был в состоянии принять у себя один только пока. Это один раз в год появления, когда джедаи, которые могут сделать это вместе и поезда, а также лучше узнать друг друга.
Команды ликвидации последствий стихийных бедствий? Cajun джедаев группы (возглавляемой JBar, и базируется в Новом Орлеане, как вы можете себе представить, это был вдохновлен Катрина) пытались создать такую ​​группу. Они называют это совместное чрезвычайным и ликвидации последствий стихийных институт (JEDI). Идея получить их FEMA квалификацию для участия в ликвидации последствий стихийных бедствий, при приеме на работу джедаев навыки. Как я уже сказал, мы можем оказаться не в состоянии генерировать достаточный доход, чтобы помочь им начать, но если мы можем как-I'd, чтобы это произошло. Следует отметить, что джедаи сообщества действительно есть ресурсы, я знаю, по крайней мере двух людей, которые владеют типографии в сообществе (JediSchool имеет одно и то принадлежит основателю Coelescere Пакта [джедаев церкви на перерыв '], так их не обязательно вопрос пытаются найти издательство, которое отвечает интересам сообщества в уме, а не подкладки своих карманов)
2. И никто не сказал, что этот путь собирался закончить тем, что в соответствии с сотрудниками, которые были в течение 9 лет и старше (и Есть членов команды, которые были на севере даже 11 лет) стали accostum в. Я не мог бы даже нравится то, что она становится, но это уже причина для как много порядков участвуют насколько это возможно, чтобы мы все получили возможность взвеситься на вещи, и когда все сказано и сделано, мы можем согласиться, что путь был не просто решается одним человеком, но те, кто считают себя такими в течение длительного времени.
4. Это форум, который я знаю, что могу достичь Россия джедаев. Трудно найти русский сайт, если вы не знаете русского языка. Честно говоря, пока три года назад, я думал, заказы в режиме онлайн были английски говорить. Клан АЛЕР-Li первой познакомила меня с русскими группами, когда он присоединился реального рыцарей-джедаев в качестве посла. Оттуда я смог присоединиться Орден джедаев (я считаю, что все его называли, и я не могу найти его больше), джедаи наследия и легкими Альянса. Я пришел сюда в надежде, что (хотя это не часто), кто-то будет контроль одного из двух (Light Альянса или джедай наследия) и открыть коммуникации. Я знаю только одного чешского порядке, потому что один из его членов, случается, Jedi Knight в группу Академии, она пришла и попросила разрешения использовать наши (устаревшее) джедаев Руководство для группы. Я знаю, что Philipino группы, но я все еще пытаюсь найти способ общения с ними, и я знаю, из них из-за инцидента, который джедаи Святилище было предупреждены.
На мой взгляд, коммуникация важна, и я сделаю все от меня зависящее, чтобы найти средства выхода на группы, которые составляют это сообщество. "Сила" / Бог / Богиня / Divine (кто / что вы хотели бы сослаться на его / ее / его как) дал мне пути, чтобы использовать как я расширил в джедаев сообщества moreso, чем большинство других джедаев. Это было бы пустой тратой, чтобы не использовать те пути данной мне, не так ли? ;) В конце концов, это было заставить меня в контакте с вами и AlGaN, не так ли? :)



Lets continue the acquaintance. Thanks for information about activity among your communities. I didn't know about And the idea about Disaster Relief teams is interesting too. Let me tell you what we have in our communities.

We also have a kind of meetings like Jedi Gatherings. But we call them "Jedi Conventions" (Конвенты Джедай). Here some info about them (info on this page is not complicated, so it can be easily translated by google-translate):

I'll try to retell and to add some information about origin of this oldest groups.

"StarCon" ("СтарКон") - it's like your "ComicCon", but only about SW alone. And not so giant, of course. StarCon is more for SW-fans in general than jedis or saberfighters. Placed in Moscow. This is the oldest and biggest event. It carried out by "РФКЗВ" ("Российский Фан-Клуб Звёздных Войн") - official Russian Fan Club of Star Wars -

The saberfighting itself has began to born in 2000-2001 in Moscow as fencing for role-playing. In spring 2003 it was split up into two directions: "School of Saberfighting" as a part of "РФКЗВ" ( practiced it as theatrical art-fencing; "Yavin IV" ( wanted to practice it as martial art and a part of self-improvement system.

That was the historical designation of two main directions: art-fencing and martial arts. There was a lot of minor separations within each of this two directions. Late groups anyway practiced some direction of this two.

Свернутый текст

For example, in 2005-2006 a few people leave "School of Saberfighting" and start separate movement "SabFight", but they still practiced art-fencing. "SabFight" is dissolved for now.
A couple of years ago "School of Saberfighting" due to methodological but mainly personal reasons has split up again into "School of Saberfighting" practiced art-fencing (at this time different kinds of "art-fencing" including saberfighting become official sport in Russia) and "freefight" - some kind of art improvisation (as consistent with historical firstborn idea of saberfighting). "Freefight" exist for now. A few people mark out it as a separate direction/trend

In another camp, "Yavin IV" was splited into "Yavin IV" itself and "Korriban" (dissolved for now). "Korriban" was sith organization, but beyond theatrics they was just a guys that wanted much more discipline on trainings and wanted to practice real martial arts instead of a lot of empty talks on "Yavin IV". And their leader Darth Marena had real experience of Karate Kyokushin.

This is history of Moscow communities. But there was another communities in other distant regions.

In 2004-2005 there was born "Eastern-Siberian Jedi Academy" ( that has reformed into "Inter-regional Saberfighting Federation" ( in 2009. It unites many cities. This community practice art-fencing, but due to very far distant from Moscow their methodologies are different. Their leader Danvelur practicing a real sport rapier fencing and are certified teacher/instructor.

Conventions "Лайткон" and "Омский Межрегиональный конвент по саберфайтингу" are carried out is Eastern-Siberia by this community. Due to methodological and personal reasons one community split up into two (since 2010) - that is why there are two conventions. But they both are saberfigher's -  artistic or more "freefighter's" with elements of Force practice (chi-gun, as I know).

As for second direction (martial art), apart from little and young groups, we are the only lawmaker in Jedi Martial Arts for now.

At the same year, when officially was born "School of Saberfighting" and "Yavin IV", but in august 2003, here in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) - we was born. But we build our technique on present experience of real martial arts. First time we was good friends with "Yavin IV", visited their Conventions "FightCon" ("ФайтКон"). So "FightCon" had a status of International Convention. But, leaders of "Yavin IV" Luke and Lea had no any experience in martial arts, and don't want to visit our (Temple of Light) Conventions, carried out by on all the traditions of eastern martial arts and self-improving systems. Then, through one disappointing misunderstanding we had a quarrel with them, and since 2008 do not visited their "FightCon". For now "Yavin IV" is in deep decline, their board become flood-place, and no new information on their site.

Our (Temple of Light) Convention is called "БелФайтКон"  - "BelFightCon" (Belorussian Fighting Convention), carried out since 2006. There is some historical reasons to name it "BelFightCon". But more correct name is "International Convention of Jedi Martial Arts". Last years we use this name to stand apart from other conventions with another subject area / aims. Also it is now International because we have guests and our members not only in other regions of Belarus, but in Russia and Ukraine. You may see videos on our site about Conventions: … &dir=5 … &dir=5

I should say that I described some actual events in real, but this does not mean, that we practice only physical trainings alone. You should not think so. All groups from second direction (that try to practice saberfighting as martial art) are practiced inner/spiritual development in some way. For example, our concept of "Jedi Martial Arts" is 50/50 - a half trainings about inner development, a half about outer development. And we have exclusive groundwork how inner connected with outer, and how to develop one through another (inner through outer, and outer through inner alike). It's "yin yang" ancient principle. In consideration of our "concept of compulsory team-building to strong Order" we have to meet for our trainings mostly in real. But this is another story.

Also I have to tell about one more important direction. Since 2002 there was project named "Jedi Academy" by Adawan (we call it "Adawan's Academy"). This was the beginning of third big direction. But at the source it was simply a website, collecting all possible information about jedis, including some real practices, meditations, info about saberfighting etc. But then Adawan disappeared from SW-fandom.

In 2005 on ruins of Adawan's Academy was founded "Объединённый Орден Джедаев (ООД)" - United Jedi Order ( You can read also … amp;t=1902 about history of "ООД". But this was a very young project with giant aspiration. So due to internal disagreements it can't function as intended, and due to giant aspiration of someones it did not cause any sympathy from elder communities.

Now I must to make a lyrical digression. Adawan's Academy and then "United Jedi Order", but to be more precise, exactly people, who was leaders of this community, give rise to a third important direction - mainly inner practices (outer practices are on the conscience of each and practicing alone; community has the nature of formal team connecting and communicating only via Internet; but this have one forte - helps to unite people from any distant region).

Lets continue about history. In the end of 2006 "United Jedi Order" was dissolved, and in the beginning of 2007 was founded two communities:

A. "Становление Джадая" - "Formation of the Jedi" (old site, then Since 2010 this project has began to fall in decline, for now board is switched off, site moved to free hosting ( As Algan told me, rest of active members formed new project you know as "Light Alliance" ( But there no such activity on this board as was in past times.

B. "Новая Академия Джедай" - "New Jedi Academy" ( leading by Neworld. Since 2011 it was renamed in "New Jedi Order". For now it is fully functional community with a lot of interesting and useful information and well-composed studying system, as I know. They meet each other mostly in Internet, but for this reason they have at least living board ( with actual discussions. They are also the only among other internet-orders, who not only communicate via Internet, but doing some practices.

Lets resume.

1. If you are interesting of art-saberfighting or SW-based information you have to talk with "School of Saberfighting" of "Russian Fan Club of Star Wars". I suggest you to talk with my friend - L-Wing. Her project is She stand at the origins of "School of Saberfighting", but now studying "FreeFight" and collecting historical information, including foreign sabefighter's communities. She speaks english.
Also you may try to establish a conversation with Danvelur - a head of Siberian saberfighters. He is my friend too. You may get over this two people on another interesting art-saberfighters and saberfighters-freefighters.

2. If you are interesting of application jedi principles in real practices, about self-improvement systems connecting inner and outer, about Jedi Martial Arts - you have to talk with us. You may also want to talk with "Yavin IV" or just people on their board or their friends - "Onderon" group (if they are still functional). They all are still good people. In spite of everything I have nothing against them. But their system did not based on real martial arts experience, so it is in decline now.

3. And if you want to speak about inner practices - I recommend you to speak with "New Jedi Academy", rest of "Formation of the Jedi" project (Klan Aler-Li & someone from old project), and our Temple of Light again. I must say that there is many small and young groups. Some members of them are very interesting persons, it's pleasure to talk with them. But this young groups (including "Jedi Heritage" board) do not have proven by time base of knowledges, ideology, strong system and solid/close-knit team.

Please ask me if I tell something obscure.

And could you please tell us some words about the history of jedi communities in your regions?



Also, I see no need to continue the conversation on this board. So I would like to invite you to write your next post on our board … 715#p10715 (I transfered all our posts there).


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